Monday, September 10, 2007

Birthday Patterns

Here's a cool experiment to try. Don't read ahead without actually doing this though or you'll ruin the results.

Choose a few people and categorize them. In one group, those who you consider to have a "down-to-earth look", and in the other group, those who you consider to be "hot". That's right. You must choose one. No one can be in both categories.

Who should you choose? Anyone you can find out their birthday or astrological sign easily. But it helps prevent bias if you don't already know their birthday. So use people you don't know their birthday but can easily find out, like a friend on Facebook or a celebrity.

For example, Jennifer Aniston: down-to-earth; Britney Spears: hot.

Once you've categorized the people in your list, look up their birthdays. Notice anything? A pattern?

If you don't see anything, try categorizing people whose birthday is in the first half of the year versus the second half of the year. Now do you see a pattern?

I've found this is scary-accurate. Almost to the point where it's a little creepy. I was playing this game with my friend who saw the pattern originally where we would pick a celebrity, guess if they were born in the first half of the year or the second based on how they look, and then look up their birthday. We found it worked much better for females, but this is probably due to the fact that we've been training for years judging females on looks. I suspect though that it works just as well for everyone as long as you have a trained eye.

When you start to think about this, the implications are crazy. Behavior and beauty — and as my friend theorizes, how suitable someone is as a spouse — are determined with high probability by your date of birth. I'd like to see skeptics of astrology try to explain this away.

I'm not very knowledgeable about astrology at all. I'm just beginning to notice that there really is some truth to it. We stumbled upon this little game last night after I looked at the birthdays list of my friends on Facebook. I noticed there was a disproportionately large number of birthdays in certain months. So I decided to count them up and graph them in Excel.

Wow! The results were stunning. Approximately double the median of birthdays per month appeared in a single month for my friends. The next highest month wasn't even close. What does that say about me? ...Apparently I've been inadvertently choosing friends based on birthday. Or your birthday really does correlate with your personality, of which I have a certain preference.

I know the skeptics still won't buy it. But that's okay. Those who see will prosper anyway. Because this is not just evidence of the pre-determination of your life, but also of the rule of Balance. There are rules to the Universe — patterns — and one of them is that you can't be both smart and beautiful, unless of course you're missing something else!

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Daniel Watkins said...

You'll also find that, statistically speaking, sporting ability tends to manifest itself in people born under Capricorn, Aquarius, and Pisces.

This, however, is simply because sports tend to split on year group. So the older within a given year you are, the better you'll do initially, so the more support you get so the better you do so... This positive feedback continues on and on.

Could the pattern you've observed have something to do with this?