Tuesday, August 14, 2007

You Can Only See...

It's been a re-occurring idea recently that you can only see what you already know. How then   do you ever get to see the things you don't know?

It seems you just have to force yourself. You have to push yourself and trudge through it. Just dive in even though you don't feel comfortable with it. And force yourself to use, and thus learn, the new thing. It's always hard at first, but after repeated use, you start to get more comfortable and develop an intuition.

After reading On Intelligence by Jeff Hawkins, it became obvious to me that not only do genetic memories exist, but I have them and they control me all the time. Reading that book was the trigger that allowed me to understand something new. And now I can see the concept of genetic memories. Something that was not obvious to me   now became obvious.

The interesting thing is that this is not just for technology or scientific theories. But also artistic, social, or spiritual matters. For example, why is it that many believe in astrology, miracles, or the existence of a greater power (a.k.a. a god) while others explain it away in terms of chance, scientific laws, or something else trivial and uninteresting?

Due to my numerous run-ins recently with this idea, I'm beginning to think these are just more examples of things that can only be seen if you already get the underlying concepts that make them up.

On a related note, reading The Neverending Story made me realize it's possible to create something that always existed.

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